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Continuous Improvement Towards Perfection

28/05/2022Kyiv, Ukraine

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The company is a system!And we know for sure that in order to successfully achieve the set goals, it is important to constantly develop at all levels of the company: individual, team, organizational. When conducting experiments and transformations, it is important to implement changes in culture and structure, product and technology at the same time.

Individuals & Community

Businesses need experienced specialists and are not ready to hire new theorists, and specialists do not understand where to get the necessary experience, knowledge and practice. We strive to minimize this problem and create all conditions for the development of the Agile community in Ukraine.
The goal of our conference is continuous improvement.

Culture & Structure

It is important to remember that we cannot change culture apart from structure and vice versa. Implement changes that conflict with the existing structure, culture and processes of the organization. Companies have not changed since Monday, it is a long process where you have to keep a balance. Agile is not a single change, it is a willingness to make organizational changes.

Product & Engineering

We don't do Agile for Agile. And it's not just soft skills, culture and structure. Transformations and frameworks are needed for businesses to achieve their goals faster and more efficiently. Namely, creating the best and competitive products and services for their customers, partners and users.

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We will discuss:

    Cases from the experience of speakers
    How to become a leader and initiate change
    How community of practice was created in companies
    Development roadmaps
    Specific tools, scripts and frameworks
    There will be an opportunity to find like-minded people and support
    Look at different issues from a different angle
    Is scrum not in the book
    How to keep the focus on approaching the solution of the goa

Conference speakers:

Артем Быковец

Artem Bykovets

CEO @ StartIT / Partner, Agile Coach @ SimpleSense.One of the most experienced practitioners and trainers of Agile and Scrum in Ukraine. Helps with the transformation of processes such companies as INTERTOP, Our Format, Competera, ProZorro, McDonald's Ukraine, Rozetka, Levi9, Owox, StarlightMedia Production, Skylum and many others. It is certified by CSM, CSPO, CSP, CSP-SM, CSP-PO, CAL-1 (ScrumAlliance), PSM I (Scrum.org) & KMP1 (LKU). Active speaker at conferences. Guest lecturer at Kyiv-Mohyla Business School. Just a person who knows how and loves to share experiences, and he continues to learn

Наталья Тренина

Natalia Trenina

Certified Scrum Trainer by ScrumAlliance, Business partner @ Mind ExperimentSpecialist in organizational development and leadership. 17 years in management and consulting, 12 years of experience in structural, cultural, process and personal change. For the past three years, she has focused on coaching managers, developing leadership, and increasing organizational resilience based on progressive models.The Leadership Profile, Leadership System ™, Immunity to Change ™, PACT ™Organization and results: Certified Scrum Trainer®, Certified LeSS Practitioner, Agile-coach

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Eugene Labunskiy

Head of Agile Practices @ PandaDoc, partner Scrum UkraineMore than 13 years of working with teams and companies in terms of applying Agile practices. Today, he holds the position of Head of Agile Practices in a fast-growing company, helping to build multi-team product development (more than 30 feature teams).


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Who are our visitors?

The conference will be of interest to all participants in the product or project development process:

  • Scrum Master

  • Agile and Organizational Coach

  • PM and Delivery Manager

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    Product owner 

  • Team Members and Tech Lead

  • HR, C-level

What are we going to talk about

Simplicity Day is a brand, a series of conferences, with a very simple message
“Simply About Complex”!

The concept of "Simplicity day" arose from the request of the community and the market - to learn about complex and relevant concepts, principles, approaches and tools by receiving information "in simple words" from practicing experts.

At this conference we want to show the positive experience of our companies. They exist! We work with them, the speakers of the conference work with them.
The path to new ways of working is full of challenges and questions to which there are no clear answers.
We want to reveal stories of constant development and evolution on the path to the same perfection.


  • https://www.reactor.ua

Organized by

  • Simplesense.

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